Election Day is Almost Here!


Just over 18 years ago, I volunteered on my first Richmond Hill community committee. Ever since, I have dedicated myself to being active and involved in making Richmond Hill the best city it can be. In January of this year, I was honoured to be elected as your mayor, a position that has allowed me to represent all the residents of Richmond Hill and with your support, I would like to serve you for another term. Exciting things are happening right now in Richmond Hill that will strengthen our future as a community. As a member of council for over eight years, it has been a guiding principle of mine to actively participate in making Richmond Hill a great community in which all of us can live, work and play. There are challenges ahead, driven by growth and change. These challenges demand a steady hand. In this time in the city’s history, strong leadership matters. I have a proven track record in leading Richmond Hill in a positive direction. By continuing to work collaboratively with council, our city staff, community groups, business owners, and you, the residents of this wonderful city, we can forge a future that will make us proud. Once again, I hope that I can count on your support. With you on my team, I truly believe that anything is possible. The commitments I made to you when I was first elected have not changed.

Manage and balance our growth as a community

A healthy and environmentally sustainable community

A broad range of city services and programs delivered with fiscal responsibility

Positive, collaborative leadership

A welcoming community with opportunities for everyone

Community safety as a critical element of future plans

Ongoing support for arts and culture