In 2013, I became the Ward 4 Councillor, a position that has allowed me to continue to serve the residents of the Ward and, through my involvement in numerous City Committees, all the residents of Richmond Hill.

I know that a successful Mayor will be a person who believes in the power of collaboration, who will fight to ensure that growth is always measured against the yardstick of building a better Richmond Hill and who will always be prepared to listen to residents. This is an exciting time for this community, as we embark on many public consultations, leading to new plans to take us forward.

I am hoping you will support me as I seek to become the Mayor of Richmond Hill in the by-election on January 24th, 2022. I am committed to providing positive leadership, while always remembering that nothing is more important that the spirit of community that has inspired me since my first volunteer committee days.

Managing Growth

Protecting existing Neighbourhoods while Expanding our Social and Economic Opportunities through new quality and appropriately sized development

As Mayor……

  • We need to provide places to grow while preserving existing neighbourhoods - We need to manage things side effects of growth like traffic so we need to be careful to get the right size development in the right areas
  • We need to increase our parks and open spaces as we grow We need to provide places for a wide range of jobs that match the needs of the population, not just housing growth Will advocate for new ways to manage traffic on our internal streets though the Traffic Operation Study that I brought forward to have staff complete

Key Platform Points

  • Right sized and appropriate development will bring benefits to the community
  • (better shops and services, more affordable housing options for people we need to get it right
  • we need to protect neighbourhoods that give RH its character while we grow and enhance areas that provide growth potential like areas near Yonge St and RH Centre
  • Council needs to develop a good sound plan to accomplish the above and then stick to it. We also need to listen to our residents as we develop this plan

Done to Date

  • Many community conversations with clients around applications
  • Not afraid to speak out against applications that are not appropriate Vice Chair and active participant in the
  • Official Update Committee
  • Consistently voted against opening up any protected Oak Ridges Moraine Lands to development
  • Have been a strong advocate for the Affordability Strategy we are currently working on


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