My Vision

As mayor of Richmond Hill and previously, as Ward 4 Councillor, I have always wanted the best for this city.  It’s because Richmond Hill is where I’ve chosen to live, raise a family, and build a business.  

Richmond Hill has given much to me and I feel the need to give back.

As the city has grown and prospered, it has not been without its challenges. Some of the challenges have been tough, but manageable.  Others have not been so easy to tackle.

But no matter the ease or difficulty of the issues we face, I firmly believe that Richmond Hill is a great place to live work and play.  And whatever it takes to deliver on the promise it holds; I want to be the one to lead.  In short, on October 24, I want to continue to be your mayor. 

To earn your vote, I want to share my vision for the city.  It’s a vison that I believe is both reasonable and achievable.  To realize my vision, I have developed a platform with seven key elements: 

  • A municipal government that works with all stakeholders in the Richmond Hill community — residents, community groups, staff, and businesses to make this a city where we all thrive
  • Consistently support development projects that align with our new Official Plan, provide positive growth opportunities for the city and affordable housing for everyone
  • Ensure that as we grow as a community, we remain committed to a sustainable and healthy environment
  • Consistently promote diversity, equity and Inclusion as the foundation for building a community that welcomes and provides opportunities for everyone
  • Ensure our city departments effectively and efficiently deliver a broad range of services that support our communities in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Continue to promote community safety as a critical element of our future plans
  • Continue to support arts and culture as a key foundation of a vibrant city

My commitment to you!

For my part, I make the following commitments.

  • I will continue to be open to the ideas of the residents we’ve been elected to serve.
  • I will continue to work collaboratively with council, staff, community groups, residents and the business community to ensure all ideas and opinions are welcome and respected.
  • I will ensure that city facilities promote a welcoming environment for all residents. 
  • I will provide regular and comprehensive updates to residents on matters that affect them.

Please reach out at and have your say on what you believe are the most important issues facing us as residents of Richmond Hill.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas!