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Update #3 – Three Questions

In the early days of this campaign, there are three common questions I have been asked repeatedly:

  • Why should I vote for you?
  • What is my vision for Richmond Hill?
  • How Can I Help?

None of these questions can be answered in a soundbite, but I do appreciate that it is important to have answers that are clear and concise. So here goes!

Why Should You Vote For Me?

I am committed to ensuring Council approves only quality and properly sized development projects along arterial roads, while maintaining and enhancing the unique character of our various neighbourhoods. Our decisions around growth need to be made to ensure we are positioning Richmond Hill for the future.  I also commit to focus on ensuring that future development includes a reasonable percentage of affordable housing.

I am committed to ensuring we live in a city where there are stable neighbourhoods that have reasonable and clear rules around what can be developed and what cannot. These neighbourhoods are important and add so much character to our community.

I promise to focus on ensuring all city departments efficiently provide a broad range of municipal services, and that we work to keep the price we pay for these services as low to the taxpayer as we can.

I will never lose sight of how important it is that we live in a place where there is a vibrant arts and culture scene, and we need to continue to support and foster the arts and culture that enriches our lives.

I am committed to a place where we care for the environment and work to protect and enhance existing green and naturalized areas and where we have lots of parks and green spaces to enjoy, and where our park and green spaces increase in lock step as we grow.

What is My Vision for Richmond Hill?

  • Providing leadership that is always responsive, respectful, and willing to listen to residents across the City.
  • Working collaboratively with Council, Staff, Community Groups, Residents and all Stakeholders to ensure we build a place where the future is looked forward to with enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Ensuring that Council, Committees, and Staff engage with all residents and ensure that residents are invited and welcome to share input and that there is time and space to exchange ideas.
  • Doing everything possible to ensure we continue to develop a place where we invite and welcome input from all cultural groups to share their experience and to enhance all of our lives.

My final commitment is that, as Mayor, I will actively and regularly communicate and report to residents on major activities and Council decisions, as well as opportunities for citizen input. This is a practice I have been doing for the past 8 years in Ward 4. In order to participate in our community, residents need to know what is happening and when.

How Can I Help?

This question is the most humbling one. I have been overwhelmed by the number of times this question has been posed in person, by email, by text, and by old fashioned phone calls. 

There are many ways you can help support me and my campaign team:

  1. The easiest way you can help is by spreading the word about my candidacy and letting your friends, family, acquaintances, etc. know about my campaign and that you are supporting me. Whether by social media, at your book club/neighbourhood group meeting, by email, or by face to face encounters, getting the word out is our number one objective.
  2. Please encourage all of your friends and family to sign up for our online newsletters, and follow us on Facebook, and/or Instagram.
  3. Encourage that same group to put the election day in their calendars and commit to voting for me on January 24th, 2022. In the 2018 municipal election, only 27% of eligible voters in RIchmond Hill voted. This by-election marks the first time, at the municipal level, that online voting will be an option, so we hope that the ability to vote at home will increase the participation rate. Stay tuned for more details on online voting.

There are lots of other ways to get involved… check out more options here.

Finally, if you haven’t already, please consider donating to support my campaign. We are working hard, going door to door to meet residents and get the word out, but we need funds to put together flyers, and, in December, put up signs.  Every dollar helps us to get the word out and gives us the opportunity to let even more people know what I stand for and my commitments to make this City a better place for all.

If you can donate, please click here to make a secure, online donation by credit card. DONATE NOW

Alternatively, if you prefer to donate by cheque, we would ask that you please click here, complete the donation form, and forward, with your cheque, to the address shown on the form.

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